How Coroplast Signs Differ

Coroplast signs are a brand name of corrugated plastic sign. Corrugated means the sign has ridges or has a wavy appearance. This material is known as plastic cardboard and is durable as well as water resistant.

These signs are designed to be lightweight and lead to it being used in place of other plastic signs, such as signs made of acrylic materials. Other signs that coroplast signs have replaced are foam and poster boards. This is because these are not water proof and can be damaged easily.

Coroplast signs are good to use outside for up to two years in part because they are waterproof and are also displayed indoors lasting around 10 years. Another reason they do well outside is these signs can withstand high temperature varying from really cold to really hot and not start to crack or loose shape. These signs have a thickness between 3/16 inches to ½ inches. The thickness helps it lead to be printed on two sides. If a client decides they’d like their sign printed they don’t have to worry about one side bleeding through to the other side. Each sign displays the message without seeing information that doesn’t belong there.

These signs are versatile for one reason because the message can be printed on both sides. Having the message on two sides will allow more people to see it. It really does make it vital for roadside signs because it lets people traveling in either direction to see the sign. Coroplast signs are also printed vertically or horizontally which increases design choices available to the client.

Coroplast signs are used for many different signs. People wanting to purchase signs do so for various reasons and coroplast signs fit these needs. If someone wants to promote a special event or advertising a business they can put these signs in yards or along roadsides. Politicians also use these signs to promote their candidacy or individuals could use this signs to display special messages, such as “Happy Birthday!” The great thing about coroplast signs is that they can be found anywhere, which allows them to fit many needs whether it is inside or outside.

Coroplast signs can be customized in to a variety of designs, sizes and colors as well as displaying graphics. This material does not do well with fancy shaping but there are ways to create any color desired. These types of signs, that are most commonly a square or rectangle shape, are even designed to display easily. These signs are found inside and outside on windows, walls, doors and stuck in the ground. They are displayed using stakes, suction cups, frames, an easel and using other tools.

When preparing coroplast signs for display the stands are inserted into holes found between the two sides of the sign. This could run vertical or horizontal depending on how the message is displayed. The stand end fit easily into the holes and is secure. Next, place the other end of the stand into the ground. Other ways to display this type of sign including using suction cups to display it in a window or some wall types. There are different tools available to help display coroplast signs in a variety of locations.

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